The Virgo Full Moon packs a big punch and will leave you feeling ready to take on the world and go after your deepest desires! Full moons always happen in sister signs, meaning that they share a common goal but they also butt heads (sounds like a typical sibling relationship, right?), so while the sun is in Pisces the moon will be in Virgo.

Both Virgo and Pisces want what’s best for you; their goal is to take care of you as best as they can. Pisces is in charge of your emotional well being and Virgo takes care of the physical stuff, so think of them as your astrology therapist and general physician, making sure that you’re feeling good and looking your best.

Every Virgo full moon is an invitation to work towards a healthier, happier, and more aligned life, on both the spiritual and physical planes, so read on and let’s see what this one is all about!