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Find the remedy for your every phase and connect with your inner goddess

A CBD remedy for every phase of your day

Natural stress relief for the goddess within

illustration of mushroom adaptogen, premium ingredient

goddess-worthy ingredients

Illustration of regenerative farming, sustainable practices

Regenerative farming 
+ sustainable practices

Illustration of woman, Selene products are made for women

Intentionally + lovingly 
crafted for women

Illustration of round bottle, third-party lab tested CBD

Third-party lab 
tested + approved

We are on a mission to help you connect with your inner goddess

Learn more about the origins of Selene

Woman lounging on bed and applying cosmic cream

“I’m more focused, productive and best of all, have not felt anxious or depressed.”

– Susan D.

“This was the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in months.”

– Mo H.

“I definitely think it’s helped me not completely lose my sh!t on my children.”

– Courtney J. (a mother in quarantine)

“Relaxes me and lets me sleep through the night.”

– T'Rah H.

Complete your wellness ritual

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Woman doing a tarot reading, while using broad-spectrum CBD extract

Tame insomnia and chronic pain with Never Better

An unflavored blend of 1200mg broad-spectrum CBD and MCT oil creates a potent formula that brings a bright and centered calm to your every day and night.

Active Ingredients:
+ 1200mg Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract
+ MCT Oil

Woman using CBD and adaptogen tincture in green juice

Find your calm and take on the day with Bring It

A grapefruit and ginger flavored sublingual adaptogen and CBD tincture that protects against stress and fatigue.

Active Ingredients:
+ Ashwagandha Root
+ Cordyceps Mushroom
+ 600mg Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Woman holding Organic broad-spectrum CBD extract cream with active botanicals

Ease pain and tension with Cosmic Cream

The Cosmic Cream effect: soak in natural soothing botanicals and broad-spectrum CBD extract and feel your tension and soreness melt away.

Active Ingredients:
+ 300mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Extract
+ Active Herbs, Essential Oils and Adaptogens

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Woman smiling, holding CBD tea: sustainable, organic CBD tincture made for and by women

Good for you + good for the planet

We believe in producing natural products of the highest quality and gathering each goddess-worthy ingredient through regenerative and sustainable farming practices. Together we can make a difference.

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