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Glass of sparkling water with thyme and strawberry, DIY CBD seltzer

Forget Pre-made CBD Seltzers, Here’s How to Make Your Own

If you’re a member of the elite group of people who drink seltzer waters, you won’t be surprised when we say that CBD seltzers are trending. They’re hotter than avocado toast, and for good reason too. They’re delicious, they’re fun, and they’re great for getting your daily CBD on the go. Busy women everywhere, rejoice!

CBD seltzer water offers a one-two punch for stress and dehydration. But, you don’t have to spend $8 a pop; it’s easy to recreate these bougie CBD seltzers in your own kitchen for a mere fraction of the price of store-bought cans.

Keep reading for more info on this trendy new drink, and a few of our favorite CBD seltzer mocktails! 🥂

What is a CBD Seltzer, Anyway?

Seltzer water is simply carbonated water-plain water that got a little facelift. The addictive effervescence comes from carbon dioxide. Add in a few drops of CBD and you’ve got yourself a CBD seltzer. Sounds easy, right?

You can find an assortment of contraptions online to get your fuzzy water appropriately carbonated, and it’s a heck-of-a-lot more economical than buying plastic water bottles or cans of pre-made CBD seltzer.

Pro Tip: many pre-made CBD seltzer waters contain artificial sweeteners and flavors and added calories. If you’re buying a CBD seltzer, make sure the nutrition label contains only two things: carbonated water and natural flavor. Your stomach will thank us later.

3 CBD Seltzer Mocktail Recipes

With or without alcohol, CBD seltzers are bringing a new kind of mindfulness to happy hour. If you’re on the Sober Sipping side of life, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re about to pour yourself a hearty red wine, you’ve also come to the right place—CBD seltzers make a great sidekick for a glass of vino. (Hydration station, baby.)

Here are some of our favorite CBD seltzer mocktail recipes that you can make at home:

🍉 Watermelon + Lime CBD Seltzer Water
Summer in a glass. We can’t get enough. First, cut your watermelon into cubes, and add about ½ cup into a tall glass. Squeeze in half of an organic lime, and add in one dropper (at least) of Never Better CBD. Add ice, then pour your seltzer water over everything. Give it a swirl, and you’re good to go!

🫐 Blueberry + Mint CBD Mocktail
Think: mojito, minus the alcohol, plus the blueberries. Trust us, this non-alcoholic drink will make you wonder why you ever sipped on anything else.

It’s simple; first, crush up a handful of fresh, organic blueberries in your glass. Next, drop in a few mint leaves (bonus points if they came from your own garden!) and muddle those in as well. Add a dropper of CBD, a handful of ice, and top with your seltzer water. Stir it up, and add a mint leaf as the garnish. If you pull this out at a dinner party, 10/10 will be impressed.

🍊 Orange + Adaptogens CBD Seltzer Water
This sparkling CBD water is infused with organic hemp and adaptogens, providing the clarity and focus of coffee, without the anxiety and jitters. *Major sigh of relief*

To make this CBD seltzer water, slice up an orange and drop a few slices into a glass. Muddle the slices slightly to loosen some of that golden goodness, then add in your CBD—a dropper-full should do the trick. Add a few ice cubes, then pour in your seltzer water. Stir it all together, and hydrate!

(If you’re looking for a little added sweetness, you can add in some stevia or cane sugar—we won’t tell anyone… )

Since CBD seltzers are so! dang! drinkable! we find that we’re actually able to get our daily recommended water intake—which is typically quite a challenge. Thank goodness for bubbly hydration.

CBD seltzer water is totally the move, especially if you’re trying to kick the LaCroix habit or drink more water on a daily basis. It’s economical to make your own, and it’s FUN. Got plans tonight? We hear a CBD seltzer calling your name...

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