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Full moon in pink purple sky over hill

Pink Libra Full Moon Ritual 2022

The Libra full moon peaks on Saturday, April 16, 2022, at 6:54 pm at 26 degrees. This full moon’s luminary will take place while the Sun is in the fiery sign of Aries. The polarity in this Libra vs Aries union reminds us of the need for internal balance to create external peace and harmony in your life. The astrological magic of this full moon will help us to cleanse unhelpful thinking or behavior patterns, manifest our desires, and ignite that spark within. Expect to feel the need to improve your emotional, social, spiritual, and professional communication as the moon is in this magnetic air sign. Libra has a very charming energy that teaches us how to get what we really want while maintaining integrity and poise.

The Libra moon craves mental stimulation, compromise, and connection to others while the Aries sun demands independence, leadership, and physical exertion. Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, balance, peace, aura, passion, partnership, possessions, and money. Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of motivation, self/identity, determination, sex drive, and war. The cosmic environment is creating a pivotal moment for the collective to reflect on the following matters:

  • Balance: What is required for mental, physical, and spiritual vitality
  • Individuality:  What can I bring to the table?
  • Desired Identity: How do you really want to show up in the world?
  • Balance in all relationships: Is there a balance of energy? (Including relationship to self) 
  • Sources of Inspiration: What ignites my creativity?
  • Sexual Desires/Needs: What truly pleases me, stimulating my mental & physical needs?
  • Igniting Fearlessness: If fear was erased what would I really be doing in life?
  • Igniting Intuition: What does my highest self want me to do? 
  • Addressing Insecurities: Am I led by insecurity or intuition?

      Libra Full Moon Manifestation 

      Allow this spring weather to increase your vitality. The moon in Libra will highlight our emotional need for contracts, commitments, fairness, and balance in various ways. Host a self-commitment ceremony and affirm the theme: Believe, then sow the seed. This theme highlights the necessary balance between mental manifestation and actions required to reach your goals.
      Step 1: Grab a calendar and write down the steps to your goals on dates you feel are achievable, as if they have already happened.
      For example:
      July 1, 2022: Successfully applied to three apartments today! 
      August 1, 2022: Affirm: Whatever seeds I plant this month will see gains by the Aries Full Moon during Libra Season.
      Step 2: Draft a contract to your highest self, and list your goals of growth or success. The contract’s focus should be on long-term success, routines or action plans, networking, and community connections. List required materials and self-care routines in your terms and agreements.
      Step 3: Prepare an altar. Bring your contract and calendar together along with any of the following stones: Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Bloodstone, or Aventurine. Write your goals on bay leaves and burn the leaves. Burn white and black candles for clarity and protection.  Wear white or black to your ceremony and read your contract aloud.
      Step 4: Meditate. Meditation can be difficult if you don't align with the right form of meditation for your spiritual needs. Be sure to research various ways of meditation to see which form is best for you.
      The purpose of this ceremony is to commit to maintaining your balance, protecting your peace, and igniting your passions. 

      Full moon mantra, based on your zodiac sign

      Aries: I maintain my own identity and communicate my needs in all relationships.

      Taurus: I am more than a fixer, balanced relationships are healthy relationships.

      Gemini: A healthy relationship with myself creates space for healthy relationships with others.

      Cancer: My success is determined by comparing my current self to my old self, and no one else.

      Leo: External validation is not my sole source of validation.

      Virgo: My net worth reflects in my network.

      Libra: My relationship with myself and the divine is the most important relationship I have.

      Scorpio: Karma reminds me that honesty within myself is more important than honesty from others. 

      Sagittarius: I deserve a return on energy in my emotional, social and professional relationships.

      Capricorn: I do not chase perfection, I chase balance which creates a space for harmony in my life.

      Aquarius: Disappointment will not stop my pursuit of success.

      Pisces: My commitment to consistency is valuableSelect a mantra for your sun, moon, or rising sign, and add it to your contract. 

      If you are on a journey of self-discovery and shadow work it will be very helpful to review your birth chart to see how this full moon will impact you individually. The house that lives in the zodiac sign of Libra will be fully illuminated, it will also benefit you to review your 1st and 7th house placements as well.

      By Tijuana Carter

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